Quark Propeller Blade Replacement

Q: When I need to replace a blade, how do I know which which blade color goes into which position?
A: When replacing the propeller blades, make sure to match both the color of the blade and the indication letter on the blade.

White Blade Front Left = F
White Blade Front Right = R
Black Blade Back Left = R
Black Blade Back Right = F
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    Rick Appleton

    my blades are marked A B I changed my blades but it will not lift off it presses down instead?

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    I need blades for my Batwing but it's not on the list

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    Rick Meier

    I need blades for my batwing.

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    I also need blades for my batwing. Hopefully ones that are less prone to snapping. Whats the status on these?

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