How do I use my Propel Points?


Once you register with us as a Flight Club member you get 1000 points. Each propel point is worth .10 (Ten cents) off your member purchase. You may use as few as or as many propel points as you wish (up to the maximum allowed for the product you are purchasing). Simply check the "Use Propel Points" box during the check out process to redeem your points.

Your propel points can be redeemed on any helicopters, points are not redeemable on parts & accessories. 

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    mike toth

    how do i register my purchases from retailers

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    J.D. Wilson

    What does it mean if the charging light is flashing? there is nothing in the FAQ , manual or videos about if this happens.. the chrome flyer we just bought will not stay airborne. she lifts off lists to the side and crashes...... It appears she is too heavy for her motor ...

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    Guy Hall

    There is no place to register bought products, and the parts replacement section is missing from the page as well. I'm truly wondering if this company even actually exist....

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