ZIPP NANOCOPTER - In The Hanger Video


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    Why don't any of your videos work????

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    I'm also frustrated that none of the videos on your website work. It's a great idea to have videos of people actually flying these products so that we can get tips and understand what to expect. Is there something special that we have to do to view them?

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    Andrew Niedziela

    Is there a reason to only charge your Nano from a computer? In the video that the card in the battery compartment references it clearly shows the Nano being charged from a USB wall adapter. But the manual and the tag on the cable clearly say to only use a computer. That means I should have a computer everywhere I fly. If that is true this should be advertised on the box that a computer is required for use.

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    Lawrence Leonard

    video did not work

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    spencer linkous

    is the site down? it says that all models of helicopters are out of stock but i saw a hovermaxx ufo at walgreens a few days ago!

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