Urban Renegade Product Manual Download

Please find below a link to download the product manual for the Urban Renegade model.
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    my renegade stopped going backwards. I've fiddled with the forwards and reverse trim buttons to no avail. how do I fix?

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    My Urban Renegade will not pair with the controller. It hasn't worked since unboxing it.

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    dat nguyen

    diana, only use 75% throttle at all times. never slam on the brakes. slow down slowly. reverse slowly. never use full throttle for more than a couple seconds. you will break it internally. also, do not drive in grass or anything wet. search youtube and google for the truck. there is a lot of info out there.

    massey, flick the power switch on the truck and press the power button on the remote.

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    Mike klm

    I tried to pair mine and it doesn't work

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