My Unit didn't work right out of the box


We are extremely sorry about this and we want to make sure we replace your unit and get you back in the air as soon as possible!


To get a replacement all you need to do is fill out this form and one of our flight team members will review your request and process your return.

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    Bryan H Johnson

    Recieved a Skywriter for christmas and remot control is missing the upper battery tie bar which ties the neg. end and pos. end of batterys together to power the controler without which it will not work! Any help with this matter would be appreciated. Thanks

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    marianne windoloski

    bought the stinger and after fully charge it has no power

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    Chloe Hirohata

    I bought a Gyropter and the charging light doesn't work.

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    Arron Diver

    I bought a Gyro_X copter and the remote and copter does not pair up. It is so frustrating that I cannot get an answer on how to fix it. I logged in the website and still no concrete answer on how to fix it. This is not good I want to return it now. I called the customer service number and still they sent me back to this website which is of no help at all.

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    i buy the aircombat helicopter 2Pk the wings do not spin

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    Harold Glueck

    I have filled out your warrantee form twice, but it seems to get eaten in the time it is typed to when it is sent.
    My Storm Chaser Helicopter has never flown. Instead, when I increase the throttle it nose forward and crashes. Myriah Keyser has been handling this for me and has allowed me to submit this when I do not have a receipt. It was a gift, purchased on 11-26-2014 and given to me on my birthday, 11-29-2014 It has never flown, but is great at crashing.

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    I just got a Hovermaxx and noticed its broke on first flight. The customer service hear is horrible and puts you in a never ending loop. WTF?

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    I just want a refund how do I do that? This was a waste of $49.00
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    i am having trouble with formatting my micro SD card. plug in to USB port but no icons show up. ???

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    Scott Quin

    Purchased a Atom 1.0... (actually 2 units a silver, and a metallic blue). The metallic blue units controller/transmitter will not power up... Fresh batteries, nothing visible missing for contacts... Just no juice, but other controller from the silver Atom will bind... Both drones work fine, just one bad controller.
    The unit needs more punch, and quicker response... Otherwise not bad!!!

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