How do I keep my helicopter from spinning in circles?


The issue you are referring to is called "Trimming".

We recommend you see the respective manual under "Trimming" section to make sure you have understood the process correctly. 

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    tom wisdom

    It sounds like more of a spastic spin and not a "trim" issue if it's anything like mine. Looks like mine's going back to the manufacturer since there's no real answer here.

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    Wolf Roberts

    I've got what sounds like what Tom described as "spastic spin". Anything less than full throttle and it raises up just enough to fold over and crash; full throttle and it makes it off the ground, then goes spinning it's merry little way into a wall at full speed (and yes, the area is big enough!). No amount of "attempting" to trim will work - doesn't matter how many times you hit the trim button, trimming does NOT work.

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