What happens if I leave the helicopter connected to the charger for long periods of time exceeding the estimated charge time?


Each product has unique charge time and you should reference the user manual for the unit.

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    Greg Yates

    The question was not what are the instructions; but what happens if they are not followed! ie: does this charger discontinue charging when the batteries reach their full charge; or does it just indicate full charge & continue to cook.

    Perhaps the disconnect instruction is simply a prudent precaution, just in case the charger malfunctions & toasts a battery, & maybe the house.
    Perhaps it relates to preserving the transmitter batteries when used for charging.
    Who knows? Well we'd like too; so - what if the inevitable Opps, I forgot happens?

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    Andy Penny

    WOW! 2 years ago and no response to this comment?????
    I'd like to know the answer to this too please - what if the inevitable Opps, I forgot happens and you forget to unplug the batteries from the charger - does my home burn down or is there a safety cut off??

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    Hi, I do believe Greg did get an email. The answer is follow the instructions. Propel cannot list ALL the possibilities that can happen. Yes, there is a safety chip but once it heats up the board goes out, or portions get fried. It usually results in having power but not enough to take off.

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    Yesterday I picked up a new Propel Altitude 2.0, manual says battery will fully charge in 80- 100 mins. When LED on charger turns from red to green. However, I've had the battery on charger for 7 hrs and LED is still red ..
    Is this normal for first time charge or is this a faulty charger???

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    Ab Appletic

    I should've known better than to buy anything from Propel

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