How to Install a Skyforce Tail Motor ( Installation Instructions )


Skyforce Tail Motor Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the screw on the bottom of the canopy.  Once removed pull the canopy off of the canopy clips on each side of the helicopter
  2. Now that the canopy is removed locate the plug on the circuit board that is associated with the tail motor.  With the helicopter facing you, this small plug is on the top edge of the circuit board with 2 resistors to the left of the plug.  Once identified, remove plug from circuit board. You will also need to cut the zip tie that holds all the wires together.
  3. Proceed to feed the plug and wires toward the back of the helicopter.  Make sure to get the plug past the motor and through the frame until it is at the base of where the tail attaches to the frame.
  4. There are 2 screws that attach the tail to the frame.  They are located, 1 on each side where the tail bar meets the frame of the helicopter.  The screws are inside the big black block on the rear of the frame.  Once the screws are removed, pull the tail shaft away from the frame.  Along with the tail shaft, the tail support bars should come out as well.
  5. Next remove the 2 screws that hold the vertical tail fin to the tail motor assembly. Then remove the next 2 screws that hold the tail motor assembly to the tail shaft.  Then pull the wires for the tail motor through the shaft so all that is in your hand is the tail motor assembly.
  6. Locate the cage that houses the tail motor.  There are 2 clips, 1 on top and  1 on the bottom.  Use a small flat head screwdriver to GENTLY pry the top of the cage off of the clips. Once successful the motor is now free and can be removed. 
  7. After installing the new motor be sure to line the teeth of the gears up so they are making contact.  Also re-attach the motor cage making sure to attach it in the correct position.  There is a small post on the cage that needs to line up with the hole on the tail assembly.  Once they are aligned the cage should snap into place.
  8. Now follow steps 1-5 in reverse to put your helicopter back together correctly
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