How To change Skywriter Main Rotor Shaft ( Installation Instructions )


Skywriter Main Rotor Shaft Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the large screw on the bottom of the Skywriter that holds the landing gear on. Then remove the 4 small screws that hold on the bottom plate. Remove plate and set it aside with the screws
  2. Now remove the 2 small screws that hold the circuit board to the body of the Skywriter. Carefully pull the circuit board down just enough to locate the 3 small screws beneath it that hold the top and bottom pieces of the body together.
  3. Once you locate the 3 small body screws, remove them and set aside. Now that the top part of the body is free, place your fingers under the bottom blades around the shaft and gently pull up. You may need to use force but be careful. With enough force the whole top assembly should disengage from the body. 
  4. With the whole top assembly in your hand, grab the white gear with your other hand and separate it from the top assembly.  The gear should come out with the outer shaft still attached.
  5. You will need to separate the white gear from the outer shaft if your shaft is damaged. If the shaft is not damaged you can use it with your new Main Rotor Shaft and disregard the outer shaft in the repair kit. To remove the gear you may need pliers to get the grip needed to remove the gear from the shaft.  
  6. Now follow steps 1-4 in reverse to properly put your Skywriter back together.
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